Sale of IP to spouse on lower tax rate

Hi to all. Just got a few enquiries on selling my IP to my wife for love and affection, thus having stamp duty for her exempt. (vic). Reason is to purchase a new PPOR under just my name, and use the funds of the purchase that my wife gives to me to lower my non-duductible PPOR loan. Also, since my wife is effectively purchasing a IP, she can claim the full interest payments on the purchase price at market value, much better than the $45000 loan i have now to claim.

However, my wife is about to give birth to our first child, so wont be working for close to a year, and we hope to have more children later on. Also her taxable income is only about $30000, so she is on the lower marginal rate of tax, thus losing the full effect of negative gearing. So really is it still worth it since shes not on $75000 like I am. We obviously wont be able to get the full benefit of her negatively gearing the IP. Am I wasting my time selling to her?

Also to note that I will be CGT exempt since I have lived in the IP and it complies with the 6year rule.

Also how hard would it be to get a investment loan for my wife for $300000, if she is not going to work for a year and since I wont be the guarantor. We could get a deposit of maybe $30000 max.

Finally even if she can get the loan and I to sell to her with no stamp duty for her and no CGT for myself, shall I put her name on the new PPOR title we intend to but to live in?