Selling for charity WDYT?

My friends told us yesterday they had put their apartment (ppor) up for auction.

What surprised me was their reason for doing so. They have both done charitable work through their church for orphans in India and have also been there to do charity work (kids as young as 3y.o to is made to do prostitution). It obviously touched their hearts profoundly.

They bought an apartment a few yrs ago for $375k and it's going to be auctioned starting at $540k. They have and amount to hope to achieve and they have promised to donate 10% towards building a shelter in India. My friend will also be taking 1mth unpaid leave next year to work on this project. All the reasons why they want to sell their house.

10% is just over $60k. She's only 28y.o I was really shock by that large amount.

why is it that this news impresses me so much more than someone who has made $1mil in 1 year etc ?

They are such wonderful people. Very generous yet watch their pennies when it comes to spending on themselves.

But I believe the more you give the more blessing you will receive.

I know they really cannot afford to do this because her husband is only working part time now coz of his studies and he will stopping work for thr next 2 yrs to finish his studies quickly so they can plan for a family.

They prayed and this was the answer so they do feel a strong conviction to do this.

The PI side of me would say don't do it. There are other alternatives and why 10%? even 5% is good and other ways of raising donations etc

But they are such wonderful people, so many things they have done so unselfishly puts us to shame and I really believe that it's their calling and they will be so blessed in the future and not always blessed through monetary ways either.
Thankfully there are many selfless and generous people in our world, and your friend's actions are to be admired. I am sure the joy they receive from their giving will enrich their lives greatly.
I agree with you Marg. At first I really wanted to advise them against selling but then I thought about it and they are not the type to go and blow the surplus on materialistic things.

I also know another older lady who is married to a pastor. She actually works at Beaumont tiles and I have bought from them loads of time for projects. She lives near me but last time I saw here she said she had sold her house and was now renting. The proceeds from the sale went to building a church in PNG or something.
why only 10% are they cheapskates , or being selfish, think of all those little orphans that will miss out?

Honestly, each to their own, sorry but charity begins at home here.and my opionion on religion fellows has been tainted over the past few years, and some i thing use their religion , as a get out of jail free card. there buisiness practices are dishonest, and then the church thing is mentioned. i have been put of by this practice,
one couple i know being heigh up in the click of church followers, went and stayed in 5 star accomadation, for three weeks, visited the orphans, took some photo's and returned, stayed with the kids for 4 hours, and donated $500 still braging about it???? i don't get it!:rolleyes:
People try to help in their own ways.

I remember when Mother Theresa and Lady Diana died, there was an article about the charity work each of them did. The article ended with 'Lady Diana loved and helped the poor, but Mother Theresa lived with them'.

Sometimes people feel called to do crazy things to help others. I say let them.
They bought an apartment a few yrs ago for $375k and it's going to be auctioned starting at $540k.

10% is just over $60k.
Hi Sue.

I think it's a great gesture by your friends.

Just trying to clarify your figures. Do they still have a motgage to pay out?

Assuming they get $600K, that still only comes to $60K (10% of $600K).
They might pay out outstanding mortgage (if there is one) and then donate 10% of remainder.

Not nit-picking here, just doing some quick sums in my head tis all. Regardless, a very generous thing your friends are doing.

kissfan - their mortgage is about $280k. They already had a good deposit from their first property that they sold.

10% is not of the profit but of how much is required to build the orphanage.

The money doesn't go to the church at all but directly to the mission which she will be a part of. But church needs tidings because without it, it won't exist and then there won't be these type of missions.

Last time she went there she said it was such an awful experience in terms of living conditions being in a remote area in India. Now she will be spending over a mth there, I don't know how she can do it. No electricity, hot water etc

VY Berlina- being a christian doesn't have to mean living like a pauper. Even christians like to live extravagantly at times and a nice lifestyle. driving bmw, being successful yet being able to do good deeds just means that they have been extremely blessed.

thing is only about 4 years ago they were really struggling. we even lent them $2k. We actually gave it to them (we wanted to bless them) but they repaid us back.

Her sister lived with them for 2yrs whilst studying in OZ and they paid for all her living expenses and education (for overseas student it's very expensive) and now his sister is doing the same. But this part is typical of chinese famillies. The parents paid for the first born to study overseas and so the eldest should be able to do the same for their sibling once they start working. We really take free education for granted. It's not that the parents don't want to pay for all the kids, but they can't afford it.

They are doing well now but $60k is still a lot of money. What really impresses me is that they have committed $60k regardless of the auction outcome.

craigb - they still gave $500...omigosh so many people give absolutely nothing their entire lives. The $500 will make a small difference.

I did ask if it was claimable on tax and she said it could be but then the money would go into a trust which would be dispersed to other charities. They want this mission to succeed so they will be donating directly and no tax breaks.

We were recently blessed too with a permit to remove a tree. When they denied us initially I thought we were really stuffed. Stuck with a useless vacant land and a $210k loan.
I think it's a wonderful idea! What's instructive is that your friends are giving now and not "someday when we are rich," which is the trap that many of us fall into. I agree with you Sue that even $500 makes a big difference, especially in the third world. I bet that over the next 20 years, when your friends think of how they spent the money, they will still feel good about it. This kind of joy stays with you long after the shine has worn off the stuff you could have bought. You know, it also occurs to me that doing this would give you a great sense of power in life for the difference that you have been able to make.
Good on them Sue.

My only concern for their action is whether they have ongoing capability to keep giving (no use giving one big gift then leaving yourself out of action for the next 40 years).

I hope their project is/will become self sustaining.


The Y-man
Yman - yes it's a concern well but that's in gods hands. they have done extremely well in property over such a short time.

Giving is not only monetary. They volunteer to do child minding at church every sunday and are church leaders.

Personally, I want believe that most people are good people. Do good deeds, help others etc I'm sure everyone here is successful not only because of their hard work but there's also an element of luck/blessing.

I know I couldn't sell my ppor and donate $60k to a cause even when we were childless.

Jade - I agree with you. We give because we have been blessed and not because we want to be blessed so basically not expecting anything in return.
I also know another older lady who is married to a pastor. She actually works at Beaumont tiles and I have bought from them loads of time for projects. She lives near me but last time I saw here she said she had sold her house and was now renting. The proceeds from the sale went to building a church in PNG or something.

I don't really see the greatness in this and would question who this actually benefits. I know the church often does do good charitable work but putting all those funds into a church building :rolleyes:
weg - well i don't know her well enough. she could be lying to me completely who knows.

But our good friends we've known for a long time. They were our bestman and bridesmaid.

ian - most ppl don't think selfishness is shameful.