selling soon - help! 'piddly patches' on lawn

From: Denise Macadam

Hello all
Looking for a "Lawnamoligist" amongst the crowd! Have very large lawned area and lovely gardens at my PPR - selling in about 5 to 6 weeks time, walk past two large lawned areas to enter the property. Fat dog Sam has left his mark all over the lawns in the form of little dead crop circles. Have you any experience with rectifying this quickly - was thinking of isolating front lawns - topsoil, feeding, pouring on the water etc but is the time frame enough to see a result? - Have thought about a nice green lawn coloured can of spray paint!
Should I even bother, how relevant do you think first impressions of this nature are? any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
Kind Regards
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From: See Change

What about cutting out the offending areas,and replacing them from a less obvious area. If no less obvious areas ,you could create a new garden bed , or enlarge an existing one.

see change

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From: Glenn Mott

I don't think Sam would enjoy having his offending areas cut out...
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From: Whittaker Hamilton

Buy a metre or two of rolled grass. cut out the offending patches and replace with a section of the new rolled grass. very simple and cheap and it is instant.
worked for me
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From: Chris L

Hi Denise,

I did the above also. I had cut down 2 ugly trees and opened up the view from the street of the house. This left a large dirt area in the lawn, decided that turf was far better than dirt, so 15 rolls later @ 3.45 each, looked 90 % better.
It was obvious to all as front of house and put on market same day as laying, in winter to top it all off, but sold house in 3 weeks.
Main thing is to water alot and mow after about 3 weeks with mower blade alittle high, then bring it down after a couple more weeks.
With 5-6 weeks you should be looking good, not seamless, but still good.

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