Serviceability topped but got $600,000 equity

Looking for my 4th property which will be my final as far as serviceability goes.

All property's are negatively geared with good capital gains each year.

At 65% LVR

What to do ?

1) Sell a property and take the profits to fund future purchases ?

2) Wait for more growth and rental increases ?

3) Find cash + property's (the only ones i find seem to have poor growth) ?

4) Get another part-time job but less time with family?

Are there any other options for me ?? and others in the same boat ?
3, find cash+ properties to add to your portfolio, and perhaps have another look at your existing properties and see if there are some ways to increase the rent.
Look at doing a equity lend where you lend your equity to another investor on a property or project you take a percentage of the profit for the use of your equity
you don't have control of the property or project you are there for a set amount of time
depending on the amount require and the margins involved depends on your percentage
there are always people looking for equity to top up there funding requirents
pm me if you have specific questions
As Gross mentioned an equity loan is an option however there are many ways of calculating serviceability.

You would be suprised the difference between the most favourable serviceability lender and the least.

Get your Mortgage Broker to crunch some numbers and see what options are available.
There aint no magic pudding im afraid.

Most folks that come through our door that are "out of serviceability" can often be helped along with a couple of simplistic solns, either around reducing current commitments , restructuring existing liabilities with a different lender set / order or a diferent securty mix

cash bond or any bond
600k is a bit low to do a bond trade at any real numbers
if you wanted to do a bond deal I would take a loan with your current lender and put the loan monies back in to the lender as bond into that banks bond programme
the interest gained an the interest cost will make the deal neutral or a bit positive
but the bond can be lent against and also the bond income is account for when going for a loan
bond programmes are two things
1 not allowed to be advertise in Australia ( they are allowed in moat oher places on this rock)
2 need to be done thru a bond broker and they are in all banks that I know
bonds, personal placement programs,etc do need to be worked out before placement as they have thee own risks and also there returns are very different
usually a bond play needs to be over 1mil to make it work write.
Equity funding is alot lower and cheaper
just because you are at a wall does not mean you can't move it just means you have to look in a different direction