'special' mortgage brokers if buying from UK

Hi everyone,

I'm new to somersoft but there's loads of info that I have already taken in from this website! :)

I'm an aussie living in the UK and will return in about a couple of years. I'm thinking of buying in oz now and renting the property out.

I came across some mortgage brokers that specialised in assisting people that live outside australia who and want to puchase properties in oz. I have logged into some of the banks' websites and they don't seem to mandate that you reside in oz, just that you are an australian citizen (which I am). Will the banks consider my application for a loan, or do I have to go via these specialist brokers?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

Hi nooby

Nice part of the world you are in Cambridge now it well although come from further South myself.

Many lenders offer loans to expats with varying criteria it is just a matter of finding one that suits what you are after.

Most Brokers also have Expat clients and with email and internet communication is a lot easier than ever before.