stamp duty paymenty delayed??

I am about to settle on a property and understand that the conveyancers will need cheques to settle on purchase. My question is this, can i delay the payment of stamp duty for the 90 days( I think? in Victoria) purely to save on interest etc.

I have the money but am just curious/mischievous.

Has anyone tried this or is it best to settle at time of settlement?
I had no problems in doing so, but I didn't have any finance involved. My solicitor said that had finance been necessary for settlement, the bank would have drawn the cheque for SRO at settlement.

A couple of weeks after settlement I asked about the titles (well before 90 days) and was told that the Land Title changes couldn't be updated until stamp duty and titles fees had been paid. At that point I decided not to wait the 90 days.......

Thanks for the reply. Finance will be involved with this purchase so I guess that i will have to pay at time of settlement.
I wrote out the cheque to the SRO and Land Titles office and sent them to my solicitor. I don't know what my solicitor had to send in re: paperwork but the cheques were banked 3 or 4 days after I wrote them. It's been a couple of weeks and I don't yet have our title.

Going back to the 90 days. I was never sure if it was 90 days from purchase date or 90 days from settlement date. I've had conflicting advice - my accountant said 90 days from contract date, my solicitor said 90 days from settlement date, and I read a thread here where someone sold their home for a development with settlement 2 years down the track. The advice in that thread indicated that stamp duty was payable before settlement. Maybe another member could clear up this point?

ta, i would have thought it was 90 days from settlement as some settlements are for longer than 90 days ie 120 days etc
thanks again.