Sunshine Coast - BellsReach/South Caloundra

Hi all,

My first post!

I'm looking at buying an IP in Bells Reach (South Caloundra) - any comments on if its good or bad move in terms of ease of renting/capital growth prospects, and any other issues (heard rates are very high here?!)

Anyway, been reading through few other threads about Sunshine coast and there seems to be a mixed feeling about this - oh there's oversupply, more susceptible than Brisbane etc....but looking around the Caloundra Aerodrome area, seems like a massive Masterplan development going on there....and what issues can getting in at early stages present? Valuation problems?

Thanks a lot!
There is a lot of negative press up here about this development.

The state govt has pushed this through YEARS before we have the infrastructure to cope with the volume of people and traffic it will create.

As to, is it a good time to buy there now? I personally would not buy at the beginning of any development. By being one of the "old" houses there is always a "newer" house that is the same price with very little to differentiate the two.

My 2c