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From: Robert Forward

G'day All

After a recent walkabout through my local real estate agents I've noticed a large drop in the asking price of rents. I myself like this idea as I am a renter in Sydney. But the question is......

Is the the lead up to the fall of prices in Sydney???

I have seen prices for units drop already, not so much with houses. But it looks like the Sydney market could be on a swing into the doldrums....

I hope this is going to happen for one.

So what is everyone's thoughts on this??

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From: Mike .

Hi Robert,

That's right. Home Loan Affordability in NSW is improving, probably due to falling prices. Vacancy Rate going up, also a sign of a softening market. Historically, Sydney has the smoothest growth graph so market won't take a dive, unlike some boxers I've seen. Expatriates and foreign investors should find the market to their liking with the weak Aussie dollar. You need to start advertising overseas.

Regards, Mike
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From: Robert Forward

Just telling it how I'm seeing it right at the moment.

I'm actually considering going to my landlord and asking for a $10 cut in the rent otherwise I'm moving on.

See how that goes down.....

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