tessalated tiles to giveaway - claw bath to sell

if anyone is interested we've just gutted the 2nd bathroom. it is only a small space, so no room for the bath to go back in (was a stupidly small room to put a large bath in anyhow!).

so if anyone is interested i have a big pile of orginal 1920's stone tessalated tiles (see below for example of central red tile) sitting in my backyard - about 4m2 of good reusable ones, including the black insert pieces. if no one wants to take them away we'll just tip them.

also, have the clawfoot bath. it's a replica fibreglass one in very good condition. everyone who has seen it thinks it's orginal iron until i knock on it to show that it's fibreglass (photo below). also means it's lightweight-ish, so very easy for hubby and myself to carry out of the house by ourselves. these currently sell for around $600+ on ebay, but would be happy with $200 ono if you come and take it away.


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bette add ... i'm in newcastle.

maybe i should give the tile a wipedown from all the dust and photograph it again ... ?