Trusts - when and what to consider

Hi all,

I am looking to purchase several properties over the next 12+ months (most likely wa)an am currently researching the best way forward in regards to structuring etc. I've spoken to a few people regarding trusts and its benefits and protections etc however it seem to me it always involves a number of beneficiaries in which profits can be distributed to be most tax effective.

#1 can trusts work for a single trustee\ benificary ie me and me.

#2 it would seem that I would lose any negative gearing benefits against my payg income. I understand that should the trust makes a loss it simply carries over to the next year. However to maintain the cashflow i would need to prop this up. Could i claim this against my payg income.

#3 Is there a certain criteria that is needed to consider starting a trust if so what would they be.

Slightly different topic:
I need to relocate to Perth from nqld so my next property will be in Perth. If I purchased a property with a granny flat/semi detached unit, lived in the gf and rented out the main house. Is this classified as ppor? If this was purchased in a trust would I simply pay my rent into the trust and the property would be classed purely as an IP?

Cheers for any inputs. I may be way off the mark but that's one way of learning I guess

1. Yes
2. No.
3. Yes, a whole bunch of stuff including:
a. Income tax now and future
b. CGT now and future
c. Stamp duty now and future
d. Land tax now and future
e. Asset protection upon bankruptcy
f. Asset protection upon divorce
g. Asset protection upon death
h. Asset protection upon incapacity
i. Attack from beneficiaries
j. Changing control
k. Adding beneficiaries
l. Effect of marriage
m. Terms of the trust
n. Type of trust
o. If discretionary which of the 4 broad types
p. If unit, fixed or unfixed
q. Structure of the trustee company (and consider all the above for the trustee)
r. Etc
Remember a trust is not an entity but just a relationship. But for tax purposes it is treated as an entity.