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From: Peter Bon

I was talking to a guy at work who has(had!) a PI that recently burnt to the ground. I don't know or didn't enquire a lot about the details of his insurance but he did advise he was relieved to just find out from the insurance company that they would be paying out the insurance. He was sweating on their determination of the tenant either accidently having the house burn down or deliberately doing it. In the event it was a deliberate act by the tenant then he would have had no building insurance payout, but a mortgage to deal with and nothing to rent.
Just thought this was worth posting as a thing for others to watch when considering their insurance.
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From: Aaron Dwyer

But if he had landlords insurance, even if the tenants maliciously burnt the house down he would be covered.

That's the idea of landlords insurance is it not.?
Aaron Dwyer
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From: Ric1 .

Landlord Insurance normally includes malicious damage by tenants. Not so normal is coverage against accidental damage by tenants. Make sure your policy includes this.

Damage to your IP by fire would surely be covered by the building insurance, which is separate cover from landlord insurance???

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