What should I be doing now while almost there with deposit

Hi all

I am aiming at buying a $240 - $280k property at the end of the year. I currently have $15500 saved and am saving $1500 per month. I will be using a 5% deposit so I already have that. I was told to expect to spend another 5% in fees and stamp duty taking my target to $24k.

Should I be doing anything at the moment to get myself ready to buy? I know a pre approval doesn't last forever so no sense in doing that just yet.

I am doing research in to the area I am targeting etc but it's the financial side of things I am asking about here. Do I just wait until I have the $24k then get in touch with the broker. Do I get in touch now? I have a broker selected that I'm fairly happy with and I have asked her the question, I'm just waiting for a response.

Although I do have an investment property, this will be the first time that I have deliberately bought one from scratch.

I want to get this wrapped up and have it running by the end of the year if possible, for no other reason than staying in line with the goal I set myself. It wouldn't be an issue if I didn't buy because the deal wasn't right but I don't want things to drag out just because I'm not prepared.

I would very much like to get your thoughts on this.

Many thanks

If you are applying for a 95% loan then you will definitely require a Pre Approval IMO.

Also note that the lending landscape is changing quite a bit so 95% loans may be a thing of the past.