When is best for a social/networking get together ?

When would you prefer for social/networking get together at a pub or restaurant ?

  • Friday night

    Votes: 14 41.2%
  • Saturday afternoon

    Votes: 12 35.3%
  • Saturday night

    Votes: 17 50.0%
  • Sunday afternoon

    Votes: 13 38.2%
  • Sunday night

    Votes: 4 11.8%
  • Some night during the week

    Votes: 10 29.4%

  • Total voters


When is best for a pub get together ?

Was thinking of organising a social/networking get together at a nice pub or a restaurant somewhere. What days/times are best for people ? (you can choose multiple options)

Oh... anything I would be organising would be in Sydney... but everyone should vote anyway - it's interesting to know what people prefer.
Can you post your roster regularly MG so that we can schedule around you ? Perhaps email it to asy who can insert it straight into the calendar. :p

I thought it would be more convinient if everyone just has my homepage with my roster as the default page for their browsers, that way they would be sure not to inconnvinience me :p

Michael G

If your doing this in the next month or so, try to do it on or around Cup weekend (2nd Nov - 5 Nov).

It'll give me an excuse to come to Sydney for the weekend.