Where/How to keep up with laws and property rights?

Hi All

I am wondering how people stay up-to-date with changes to property legislation.

For example, if you are a landlord, would the government send you information about changes to tenancy laws or do you find out what you need some other way?

Are there information sites or groups you would recommend ( apart from this site of course)?

Is there anything free you can join?

Cheers and thanks in advance.:)
The government announces changes to legsilation, but it is hard to keep up, even for lawyers.

Your best bet is to subscribe to various lawyer newsletters - that is what I do.

Also look at the tenants union for the state your property is in - they are on the tenants side so good to see their tips etc.
Fair Trading in most states publish such information too. eg In NSW issues with warranty insurance, standard lease terms etc...