Why you are you best property advisor!

If you research well and red mags like API, YIP....you have a better chance of success than going to one of these property mobs.:mad:

Umm, actually, no. You should be very careful with these as well - at day's end it comes down to doing your own leg-work.

API is okay. But YIP? Please, if you can't tell how much of their editorial content is driven or at least influenced by advertising then you're blinder than my partner's grandmother (who has only ever seen one spot of colour, momentarily, when she was four).

There was a fantastic issue earlier this year which featured the head of Rocket Property Group as its cover story. Same issue featured ads from Rocket Property Group. There was also an investor profile about a lady in her 50s who took a seminar by, you guessed it, Rocket Property Group.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Rocket Property Group - I have had no dealings with them, don't know anyone who has had dealings with them. But I am saying this lacks anything resembling editorial credibility. Most investors know you should avoid one stop shops where they can provide you with finance, legal help, oh and the groups owner is investing (or is that invested?) in the project for that feel good security factor - yet here they have profiled someone who has done exactly that with a group that has likely pulled the weight of their advertising dollars.

Ironically, I personally feel these situations are actually detrimental to the company's attempt to promote themselves. I will never use Rocket Property Group's service because of this, based on nothing more than moral grounds.

Sadly, it obviously works when it comes to the masses.

Yes, it is sad, but really if you want to take investing advice off a sports person what do you think you are going to get? :confused:

Having worked with sports people my whole career, I can say that they're the last people I'd take any advice from, let along investing advice.

Ironically, however, the last sports person I'd ever think to take property advice from is the one that's done remarkably well in the market: Wayne Carey. Go figure.

Yes, it is sad, but really if you want to take investing advice off a sports person what do you think you are going to get? :confused:

You get the exact same as all over this forum API & YIP

"Another REIN investor, who asked not to be named, said: "The projections were extremely misleading, now that I am educated on what can happen and how changes to rent/interest rates/costs can blow these out."
hmm, sport stars shouldn't be marketing financial products like hollywood stars shouldn't be campaigning with election parties.. the general public aren't that stoopid are they... or are they?? :eek:
Piston I think it is like life in general. 20% are good at what they do. 80% are next to useless. Of the 20% of good ones probably only the top 5% of them are exceptional. You just have to do a lot of digging to find them :)