Winston Hills v Greystanes..where to buy?

My boyfriend and I want to purchase our first PPOR this year. I already have 2 IP's.

Our budget is $450k-$530k. We are aiming for 3 bedrooms, single garage, backyard.

We are thinking of either Winston Hills or Greystanes...are there any parts of these suburbs to avoid?

Pros and cons....which area should we go with?
Parra council better then holroyd, holroyd dodgyier....

Greystanes ok, but surrounding it is how u going.... winston hills surrounds are more asthetically pleasing.
My vote is for greystanes. Nice big block that you could either subdivide or build a decent granny flat on to help you with those mortgage payments.

You'll struggle to find something in that price range at winston hills. Just look at now - only 2.
Winston Hills for sure. This may sound wierd, but here is my reasoning from years of watching kids sports....
My kids play in the Winston Hills soccer team - you won't find better parents than this lot. Not boastful , derogatory to their kids. Always encouraging. They don't start arguments either , but will finish them if provoked.
Compared to areas surrounding Greystanes that they play against (eg Pendle Hill, Wentworthville , Merrylands) , the people are chalk and cheese. This is also what I have found with the cricket parents from these areas also !!

Prices are similar as well.
Thanks everybody. I think I have my answer then! Also, can anyone tell me why Winston Hills is more affordable than surrounding suburbs such as Northmead, North Rocks, Baulkham Hills??