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    A nation of whingers I like Michael Pascoe’s work and I just love this article. I think you guys will too. The property related part is...
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    interest rates

    The RBA still has a little bit of room left. So, for example, if they wanted market rates to drop by 50bp, couldn’t the RBA drop the cash rate by 100bp and achieve their aim?
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    Business Spectator - Analysis of Australian Property Market - Part 3

    This is exactly where TF lets himself down and does significant damage to his cred. Why? I've no idea. It's pretty clear that TF is not just your normal idiot that comes over here to whinge because property investors are the root of all evil. But, Shadow, when it comes to you, he behaves...
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    Rates on hold

    I’m going to expose a weakness in my understanding of the system. Here goes… I understand pretty well the reasons FOR dropping the official cash rate (rising unemployment, economic stimulus needed, inflation risk abating), but I don’t really understand the reasons AGAINST dropping the rate...
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    Where's the crash

    The housing shortage was discussed in detail in this thread (warning: contains "data for the actual gap"). On the contrary, the RBA has actually provided some of the more sensible commentary on Australia's housing shortage. RBA Address to the 4th Annual Housing Congress
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    Where's the crash

    Good point Marc. Maybe it's a "certain type of properties in certain suburbs in certain cities in certain countries price crash".
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    85 % max lends not far off

    A tad overstated, don't you think? Anyway, it goes to show that the current discussion about extending the boosted FHOG is a little pointless. There are other prevailing factors now.
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    Business Spectator - Analysis of Australian Property Market - Part 3

    Pretty ordinary stuff Boz. Are you suggesting that Shadow predicted “the median of Sydney get to 1 mil$ in 5 years”? Are you suggesting that Shadow predicted “banks [are] going to lend 99% of the home value to everyone”? Seems to me that words are being stuffed into Shadow's mouth by others once...
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    Car Leases...Tax-Effective?

    You should have a chat to LeasExpress. My dad and I have each used them - both of us are happy clients. Actually, I'm an ex-client really. Their funding comes from Macq Bank so for me to take out an operating lease with LeasExpress would most likely break my new...
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    Car Leases...Tax-Effective?

    I personally hate making principal payments and paying off loans - particularly where the interest is tax deductible. Once a finance facility is set up, interest only (or as close to i/o as possible) is far better I reckon.
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    Where's the crash

    Bear sees light at the end of the cave I just HAD to post some of the quotes from this article. Enjoy!
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    RENTAL accommodation in outer and inner Sydney suburbs continues to plummet

    Hi sphinx, Long time no hear. Now, I agree the REI’s spruik a lot of rubbish however I’m not so sure that “nobody believes” them. I actually suspect that their messages are fairly widely accepted by the public. The Age in Melbourne doesn’t even bother with expensive journalists for their...
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    Car Leases...Tax-Effective?

    For the simplest of car loan products, check out There's not much under 10%.