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    Gold Coast meet-up ?

    I'd be a starter as well.
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    Advantages of Revaluing After Reno, But Not Using the Equity

    It may be silly but I like to reval and sit post reno. The advantage of that is if values fall, you have a locked in valuation. This is where I like LOC or offset as the guys have suggested. However - discipline is required and if that doesn't work, a fixed interest offset can help. Its...
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    How much after tax income do you need in retirement (PPOR paid off)?

    Interesting discussion. I believe retirement planning doesn't involve just financial planning but should be about lifestyle planning. And then peg the $ to the style. Altruistic but I reckon it works. We've got ours worked out - One overseas trip per year - just the simple 10-14 day...
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    Building A Duplex

    Trust me, this is a minor problem and can be rectified. And you'll have heaps more. But patience and persistence is profitable. Rainwater tanks are a solution. Plus have a tank that will collect the excess water and pump it back to the street. Its a simple solution and doesn't involve...
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    JV with Town Planner

    Oh so true Rolph. Although Mrs Rambada doesn't have a huge grasp on fine financial legal & accounting details, her gut instinct and BS meter far out rules any other indicators. As for JV's as described. If he is offended, well end of conversation to me and he can go and jump. This is not...
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    According to the 100yr chart, we will drop !

    Damn. Cant copy/paste the graph. But a few points. I have seen charts where the Dow is linked to Gold. This makes for interesting viewing as it removes currency influence and the investment value of the Dow has been falling for ages. A similair graph for property would be sensational -...
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    Peter Costello.

    And what about a winning team for these ugly times - Costelloe/Turnbull. Abbot/Hockey are already an accident happening and if they cant release substance and stop whinging and bleating then they are history. The Press Club debacle was the last nail for me. And not liking either 2 parties...
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    Henry Report

    Thanks Jingo and admirable that you responded as you did. Happy and continued posting.
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    Henry Report

    By Jingo, I think he's lost it. Obviously hasn't lived in a facist, nazi, dictatorship regeme. Or an anachist society, or an impoverished society. Last Anzac day I saw people who had truly seen the worst and best of human nature. And these ordinary people fought and died for our freedom...
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    i called it first! GFC Mk2.

    So lots of grim scenarios, but where are the money making opportunities? And I agree with the 'grimness'. I see hyperinflation and subsequent undermining of currency as the catalyst. And this is occuring because of multiple multinational causes. Greece, USA, Germany, UK, wars, oil...
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    Henry Report

    Bernie Fraser thinks its ok Henry is no slug And the market wouldn't be responding to the well waged opposition/mining campaign? Or the Euro/Greece crisis? Take a breath - people are getting killed in Greece and we think the sky is falling in with a resource tax on multinationals? And...
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    Henry Report

    Wow. Lots of negativity on the Commodities 40% tax. I must have a fuzzy head as I don't see it as too bad medium to long term. I base this on the petroleum/oil industry already being taxed at this level for the same thing and I don't see them going broke or shutting shop. And in an era...
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    Minimum balance on a SMSF?

    I'm no expert but generally I was advised to have $100k, though there is no legal minimum that I am aware of. Its just that anything less than that makes it unviable. Why? Can't answer that. Maybe the fees vs returns as they need to be audited annually but then you loose fees out of 'normal'...
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    How to kill lots of Silverfish

    When I used to be a pest bloke (20 yrs ago) the treatment was fairly striaght forward. Powder or bomb the ceiling void (powder is residul lbut if you dont have the gear to blow it around - some standard aerosol bombs will work) Place all linen in a black plastic bag and hang on the cloths...
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    No more small claims tribunal in QLD

    Thank goodness!! Have been to the small claims court only once but what a debacle!!! An absolute nutter of a judge who made no decisions based on law - all emotive crap!! My PM went in very well prepared, photo's, documentation (including falsified ones byt the tenant) etc - he didn't and...