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    Caveats and Tips on buying OTP in Brisbane with SMSF ?

    Some banks (e.g. ANZ) are starting to cut back on lending through SMSFs. More may follow. It might not be an option for property investors much longer if there are regulatory changes.
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    Schofield - Projected growth in the next 5 years?

    Something to watch if you are buying in this area: Proposed route for new overhead powerlines.
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    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    hobo-jo - Hope to see you over at PC. A diverse range of interests and experience is important. I've learnt a great deal here - your posts included.
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    Brace for even higher price!

    There is also whether you go for a double or single garage. Observing my immediate area, single-story dwellings with a single garage don't appreciate that well. On the other hand, dual-occupancy properties do fairly well in the North West. There have been a few in North Kellyville and one or...
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    When do you decide to improve IP

    I wouldn't do anything unless your tenant asks. You have a good tenant and you think the rent is acceptable. Many tenants don't like the hassle associated with repairs and maintenance. Maybe put some cash aside for a warchest to pay for upgrades if your tenant moves out. In your situation...
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    Yet another Brisbane thread... $650k budget

    Yes - I would use a BA again. If I use the same BA I will get a 10% discount.
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    Are there any complications with buying in the USA and specifically Arizona? Might be a rock-solid investment. and That last website is from the stone-age.
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    Yet another Brisbane thread... $650k budget

    Having recently bought my first IP in Brisbane (settles next week), I suggest you do what you can to educate yourself on the market and popular suburbs for investors. Also - other than yield and capital growth, what characteristics of a property do you think will make it a good investment...
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    Schofield - Projected growth in the next 5 years?

    The problem is they don't always pay market price. A situation which is usually followed by protracted and expensive court battles. It's also problematic for the properties just next door that they don't acquire. For example, motorways usually result in tall noise barriers. Nasty to live...
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    Schofield - Projected growth in the next 5 years?

    One major factor for consideration in this area is the Outer Sydney Orbital which is planned to include a freight line and also a future motorway. Logically you would think the Metro line from Cudgegong Road will also be extended south in this corridor. The problem is that decisions on...
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    58 people in a 3 bed house

    That sucks! :p
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    If there are no BIR's, is it worth installing wardrobes in every room?

    It's certainly a nice to have. A portable wardrobe generally isn't as spacious as a built-in. I've also moved wardrobes up and down stairs in unit blocks and it is no fun. Tenants would have the same opinion. For the IP I am buying, the master has a BIR whilst the two other bedrooms...
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    Using BA in a hot market...

    Just make sure you don't take all blogs and articles at face value. Just remember that some people have vested interests. Naturally someone in the head office of a real estate company would do all they can to encourage sales ...
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    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott kmart?

    This has been the hot topic of the day :p
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    Budget around $800k - Glenwood ?

    Capital growth will probably be better in Rouse Hill due to the Town Centre and train line. There are some 3-bedders in your price range. Also H&L packages, although these are near Bunnings and on the extremity of the suburb. Add at least 15-20 minutes to travel time compared to Glenwood...