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    Driverless cars - the biggest potential impact to real estate?

    Dont worry Datto, if modern history has taught us anything it's that as soon as a new gizmo is released someone, somewhere is already well on their way to hacking it. Driveless cars will be no exception, within months of being released a quick hacked software update will have your new driveless...
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    Negative Gearing

    I think we're all missing the point of negative gearing, its a political tool more so than a financial one. Negative gearing is a mechanism targeted at, for want of a better term, average Joes on a median or below wage to give them the impression that if they work hard enough despite their low...
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    Lake Munmorah NSW

    What evidence do you have for such a claim? As far as I knew, as nww has said, for the most part Lake Munmorah is about 0.5m deep.
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    Going rate for colorbond fencing?

    Thanks guys, got another quote that was about the same so I guess the price is the price, although I do feel it may be a bit inflated due to "storm tax" lol. Phar Lap, I spoke to the original fencer and he agreed to give me separate invoice. If you only invoice one neighbour and its up to the...
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    Going rate for colorbond fencing?

    Thanks Dave, that gives me a bit of an idea. Got a bit more details as I was speaking to the neighbours wife yesterday. Turns out the fencer was the best man at their wedding. When the fencer was giving me the quote he stated that the neighbour was going to fix up the bill and I would have...
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    Property Manager Terminates Themselves After Being Questioned???

    I am curious as to what errors on a residential lease could cost you a few thousand dollars over 2 properties in 12 months?
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    Going rate for colorbond fencing?

    I don't really know if it's normal, one of my fences has them already, they've been there for at least 10 years without any problems so far. See plenty of fences around my area with them. They'd be appropriately treated I assume.
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    Going rate for colorbond fencing?

    Like a lot of people from Newcastle I'm in need of a new boundary fence for my PPOR. My neighbour organised a quote today from a 'mate' of his and I'm just trying to asses if I'm being asked to pay a fair cost or if I'm being take for a ride and should get some more quotes. My section of the...
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    lets hype Newcastle

    Certainly moving fast today, my back fence was moving at about 90kph when it left. Worse still to come I think.
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    Funniest tenant request

    Thought I'd add to this thread rather than create a new one. Got a call from my PM today, the tenants have complained that the cooktop is faulty because the hotplates take too long to cool down when they are switched off. Hmmm, now the laws of physics are my responsibility.
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    Tax Variation

    I would need an accountant to set it up for me (various reasons) and my income is difficult to estimate accurately. If I was to be conservative enough to cover all posibilities I would have gained almost nothing. As I said, in my case it wasn't worth the effort. That not to say for others it...
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    Tax Variation

    If you need the cash flow it has benefits but if you have a decent buffer you'd need to do the maths to work out if its worth while. I sat down and worked it out once, can't remember the exact numbers, my tax back equated to about $10k so around 200 per week, if I was to put that 200 in offset...
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    Thats what I dont understand, everybody says Newcastle's economy has drivers other than mining, etc. but in the link I posted Newcastle and Lake Macquarie has an unemployment rate of 9% which is the 6th worst in the state, only 1% better than the Hunter Valley. Guess what I'm getting at is, is...
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    Whats actually driving the growth in Newcastle ATM? I know interest rates are low but the Newcastle area has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state and the Hunter Valley is even worse, I would have though that alone would have restricted capital growth...
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    Newcastle but where ?

    Only had it for about 2 years, I'm guessing I've had some gains but no idea how much as I haven't had it valued since purchase.