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    Deceitful REA - First home Experience Ruined.

    Thanks for everyone's comments. But I really hope people will learn from this. As naive and careless I may blame myself to be, this could really happen to first timers in the market. I've read all about not trusting REAs and that they're not working for us, but the vendor etc. But when it comes...
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    Deceitful REA - First home Experience Ruined.

    Evand - I'm still waiting for my lawyer to get back to me. I do intend to seek legal action in terms of financial compensation. One thing about "Des" though.. of all the times I've emailed and texted him, (stating that all the lies he has told me had caused many predicaments to my partner and I...
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    Deceitful REA - First home Experience Ruined.

    Has this property settled yet? If not, how much deposit have you paid? If it hasn't settled and your deposit is "smallish", ie < $5K, then I'd be threatening to not settle until this situation is rectified. Make the vendor put pressure on Des to fix this. But I suspect from the way that you...
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    Deceitful REA - First home Experience Ruined.

    Thank you for all the replies kind ppl.. My post is not meant for people to start bagging REAs. Easy for some to say, you should and done this, you should have done that. But imagine a young person, trying to secure a first home. Trusting, a little too naive thinking that the REA will not lie...
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    Deceitful REA - First home Experience Ruined.

    Trust me Buzz, he knew exactly what he was trying to do.
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    REA's, I have a contract Q

    Either way, do make certain that you get personally see that the "subject to finance" clause is definitely in there. I'd be careful and be a little bit more prudent. Trust me, its worth your while. You never know what can happen.
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    Deceitful REA - First home Experience Ruined.

    Hi Wylie. "Des" told me that all we got to do was to give the tenants 60 days notice prior to moving in. Thats it. And with the settlement date in Dec, we would have given them plenty of time to find a new place to move in to. To put it simply, he said everything that we needed to hear, he...
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    Deceitful REA - First home Experience Ruined.

    My partner and I have recently signed a contract of sale for a property in Aug 08. We purchased it in good will thinking we'd be able to move in as our first home in Dec 08. The REA told us that the tenants in the property are on a month by month basis and no contract was actually in place. Long...
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    Can I evict tenants ?

    I have recently just purchased a property based on profits and receipts (not vacant possession) and it is currently tenanted. Lease is till May next year. Settlement is next month, can I get the tenants out based on the claim that I'm a home buyer and intend to stay in the property myself?
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    Are repayments recalculated when money in offset > 0?

    I feel bad now, I had a $220k inheritance...
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    melbourne CBD or close to.

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    Updated Bank Valuations

    Hi ! It is absolutely incredibly good news ! Well Done. Its always happy to hear fellow investors doing so well.. Mind sharing with us where the apartments that you mentioned are situated ? or even better..the building ? Personally, I have 2 inner city apartments too located in Melb CBD.
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    Buying an apartment

    Hi there, I've just recently bought an apmt in a high rise building myself. Things to look out for : * Sinking fund & meeting minutes of owners corporation(Section 32 of contract), no. of body corporate fees (some have 1,2 or 3 owner corporate fees dealing with different things). If...
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    Depreciation PPOR -> IP

    I plan to use FHOG and then turn half of my PPOR into IP. (renting out a room) Do you guys know if I can cliam depreciation for my building and furniture after the first 6 months period ? even if its for the furniture that was purchased during the 1st few months of my ownership before I convert...
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    Michael Yardney reset workshop/presentation

    Dont wanna stick out like a sorethumb. I might just zip it up. hmm.. (wonder if I'm the only one)