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    Turning carport into an enclosed garage

    My 4 x 1 house in Armadale WA has a single carport for parking. It is brick and tile with carport under the same roof. New tenant had a ute he is doing up (well one day it will be I am sure) and 2 other cars that the family uses. He asked for a shed to put the ute in. Shed won't fit out the...
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    Carport construction Perth

    Hi, I've put House behind house. Now I need to do some construction on front existing house inclusing adding a carport. Can someone suggest small builder for doing this cost effectively - I tried few renovation builders but a) they are not interested in this small job and b) they quote...
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    Advice/recs sought: bricking in carport

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice, and also recommendations as to tradespeople who you might recommend for the above task. Our PPOR is a double brick and tile single story house in Gwelup, WA. The carport is under the main roof, but it has wooden pillars and the 'walls' are wooden...
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  8. Converting Dungeon to Carport

    Converting Dungeon to Carport

    Converting the 4th bedroom back to it's original state as a carport.
  9. 4th Bedroom / dungeon /carport

    4th Bedroom / dungeon /carport

    This was the 4th bedroom/carport /dungeon/mess.