development approval

  1. I

    Warning - Builder trying to rip off

    I have encountered difficulties with the builder at Port Macquarie and I would be grateful if anyone could provide me advice on how to proceed. After the DA was granted the builder?s construction manager noted that the land could be subject to flooding. They informed the council and the...
  2. S

    Development Application for Strata Common Wall Increase

    Interesting case - in a building that is constituted by Residential strata and Commercial strata, commercial owners have decided to increase the common wall and despite no consent from residential owners, submitted a DA which was approved by the council...
  3. T

    DA - 9 Townhouse Kallangur, QLD

    Hi Guys I am new to this and would like to know if anyone out there has done a small project. Two years ago I purchased a flat 2000m2 block of land in Kallangur,QLD and got all excited to do a DA. After spending a lot of money and jumping thru the hoops I was issued a DA for 9 town houses...
  4. streetie

    Removing a wall in a strata apartment ?

    Hi, I've recently moved into my apartment I bought and I want to knock down a wall . I've already been in the ceiling and it's not a load bearing wall which is good news. I found out the next door neighbors also knocked that wall out when they renovated. I called strata today to find out the...
  5. SupaRex

    Council approval to build units?

    Hi All, I've found a vacant block on that I'd like to buy and build units on. The fact that it ISN'T plastered with "STCA" everywhere tells me that I probably can't build units on it. But, my question is, how can I find out for sure? I'm guessing I speak to the council...
  6. jsoe

    Options Options Options

    Hi all, any advice is appreciated. We're thinking of playing "options" on this property for sale. This house we're looking to buy has land component big enough and eligible (as per council zoning, etc.) for multiple dwellings development. No DA has been applied for. We are thinking of...