1. Richard Feynman

    Scott ( What a guy!

    Fancy that. Another topic of praise for Scott ( I'd just like to publicly pronounce Scott "The Model Human" Brunsdon to be one of the most wonderful, selfless, awesome people I've encountered. Further, I'll take the opportunity to profusely thank him for an abundance...
  2. U

    Stubborn Hinge Pins??

    G'day Knuckleheads, Uncle Knackers here again. Just whacked together a video showing how to remove a stubborn hinge pin as well as how to plane the bottom off your door just in case it's dragging on on the floor. Don't call in a tradie. Have a crack at it yourself. Here's the link...
  3. M

    New Security Door - Depreciable or not?

    All Probably been asked before and I think I know the answer just wanted a check Tenant has asked for a security door on the front of the house. We think its ok to have, but wanted a quick answer on depreciation. We have a schedule in place for the house, but as this is a new item is it...
  4. tenants sign

    tenants sign

    I took this sign when looking over a friend's unit. Needless to say I don't manage this unit! hehe It says: This place is not the local shop, so buy your own. + I don’t lend anything, so go buy your own. No cash, NO taxi in other words walk In other...