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    Newbie Fence situation

    Hi guys, I'm asking this as I'm a newbie to this topic. I recently bought a piece of land and had the titles given to me recently. The owner of the land adjoining to mine has started building his house and has just served me notice via his contracted fencer asking me to pay half the cost of...
  2. D

    Fencing South Hedland

    Hi Does anyone know the cost of installing new boundary fencing in South Hedland please? It would be approx 120 metres of fencing. (do I have to track down the owner of neighbouring properties to get their approval?) I have had a quote but it was ridiculous so I thought I'd ask here if...
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    You are the teacher, I am the student!

    Hi there, my name is Holly I live in a house with a lot of property and want to landscape the gardens perhaps make a pergola or carport, I have a few things in mind, but would like to get a professional opinion that’s no going to charge me an arm and a leg... I'm looking for some tradies who...