You are the teacher, I am the student!

Hi there, my name is Holly I live in a house with a lot of property and want to landscape the gardens perhaps make a pergola or carport, I have a few things in mind, but would like to get a professional opinion that’s no going to charge me an arm and a leg...

I'm looking for some tradies who may be able to work over the weekend as I'm never home during the week... Basically I'll work with you, as I would like to learn the skills and get things done at the same time!

I'm only 24 so I have plenty of energy, and don’t mind a bit of hard yakka!

* Brick laying
* Fencing
* Landscaping
* Building

Of course any supplies would be paid for by me, but you would need to help me to find the best quality for the best prices!

If you are keen to chat I would like to speak first on MSN as I'm sure I'll get too many weirdos calling me if I leave my details on here!~

Thank you.:cool:
umm! 24, plenty of energy, loves landscaping, likes doing deals, interested in conning blokes to work for nothing bascially...

where the hell were you 30 years ago when i was shopping for a wife!! :)

best of luck
you are probably best off getting a partner who is making decent money out of the deal.

My girlfriend has a smaller stake in a unit trust we setup and has been learning quickly how a house is put together, what minor updates can be done for good impact ... the decision to have her invest in the same direction as me was more to do with being aligned rather than going out with her. I was considering doing a similar deal with a friend prior. Everything is very clearly marked and drawn up in terms of unit holdings.
They'll be alot of takers for that, although how do we know your not one of the weirdos.

I'm afraid I'm a touch older than you, work in tax & wear a suit rather than overalls!

Good luck with the projects!
Oh man, you want the tradies to work weekends, but not for an 'arm and a leg'? Do you live in the Rainbow Forest and ride a unicorn to work? Seriously, if you can find a tradie willing to work weekends AND risk having you work alongside them (insurance/workcover issues) AND source all your materials for the lowest price, good luck!

When you're done, send them my way. Only problem is, I'm not a 24 year old female....