1. M

    Know of an awesome Property Manager in Guildford Parramatta Merrylands SW Sydney?

    Can anyone recommend a gun Property Manager for the Guildford, Parramatta, Merrylands, Granville area in SW Sydney? I've been putting up with less than motivated property manager whom is incredibly unresponsive and has no drive to complete maintenance activities. The tenant could hand in notice...
  2. Gockie

    Parramatta meetup 7th May

    Hi! I can never make Wednesday nights so I'm suggesting my own meetup. :) Its Thursday night at the Albion hotel Parramatta 6.30pm, 7th May. Would love to see Somersofters there. Linda
  3. D

    Buy and Hold unit in Harris Park

    Hi guys, First of all, I am new to property investment. I was thinking to buy and hold a unit somewhere in Parramatta area. Given that Parramatta is outside of my budget range, I started to look around the surrounding suburbs (eg. Merrylands, Granville, etc). Recently I have decided to go...
  4. B

    Conveyancer in parramatta

    Hi all, I would greatly appreciate your recommendations for a good conveyancer in the parramatta area. Apologies if it has been covered on another thread. Cheers, Bosco
  5. MsAli

    Western Sydney/Parramatta region market is stupidly crazy

    Been looking at the market around the Parramatta region. Houses in Toongabbie selling for close to 100k over what you would have paid a year ago. Each open home has in order of 50+ viewings... Even clad homes in liveable condition are selling for 600k odd. Just saw a listing range between...
  6. Z

    Where and What to Buy IPs - Inner West Syd

    Been viewing the posts on the forum for quite a while but still haven't decided where and what to buy my IP(s). Looking at 2 bedroom unit, relatively low strata (i.e. not new buildings with lifts, etc) , long term investment. I am considering the following areas. 1. Ashfield/Summer Hill...
  7. P

    Parramatta Council DA Approval

    Hi, I' a newbee to this forum. Wondering if someone has dealt with Parramatta Council for DA approval for a Duplex. Im looking into building and renting out one unit while living in the other. Wanted to find out what costs are associated with the approval (Infrastructure contri., Application...