1. D

    Should I sell or develop?

    Hi All, My parents own a piece of land in Taylors Hill. It is in a good location and is roughly 760 sqm. I have a 5/6 townhouse development underway (my first development project) but thought that i could learn alot from developing this block of land first and it would be a lot less risky...
  2. M

    To sell or not to sell...that is the question!

    Good evening all I am new to this site and am enjoying reading the plethora of info that is on here. I have been attending several different seminars over the last few months and am just in my initial phases of paving myself a new and prosperous path! The first part in this process is to...
  3. A

    seller delayed settlement

    Hi All, My contract went unconditional in QLD and the settlement was supposed to be on 07-Feb and just on the day of settlement seller applied for a week's extension. I gave the extension and now again just one day before the settlement seller is asking for one more week's extension. I spoke...
  4. Alex P Keaton

    Sell car privately ? or sell it to "cash for cars"

    Hi I bought another car and I need to get rid of my Hyundai excel 1996. It has been fine the last few years except it runs sluggishly. About a week ago the gears started to give me trouble. They stick going into first and third sort of get stuck making it quite dangerous to drive. I never...
  5. Alex P Keaton

    Sell underperforming 1 bed IP & Opportunity cost ?

    PPOR purchased 2008 for $255 k (loan $177 K) - Valued at approx $320 - $350 k in 2014 IP purchased 2009 for $210 k (loan $199 K) - Would get approx $230 - $240 k if sold today IP is a 41 sqm 1 bed in Dianella Also still negatively geared even after holding for 4 years. Properties are...
  6. M

    Brisbane- Sell now to Rent?

    Hi I'm new here so go easy on me :) In fact it's my first ever forum post of any forum. My wife and I recently went unconditional on a contract for sale of our house in a Brisbane suburb. I've had a lot of friends and work colleagues telling me now is the wrong time to rent and we should look to...
  7. A

    How to find a nominee for unsettled block

    How can we find a nominee for a block of land when settlement is close and what will be the consequences if we cant settle what legal actions a developer can take .
  8. C

    Advising the tenant of intentions to sell

    Hi everyone I am looking to sell and would like to approach the tenant to see if they're interested (don't know either way). Can I do this by contacting them directly by letter in the mailbox, Dear tenant....... or must it be done through the PM?? They have kept the place in excellent...
  9. C

    Conveyancer or solicitor??

    I very well may cringe at asking this question but here goes. Talking with a fellow investor recently, we were discussing the costs of legal services for purchases. I used a solicitor where he used a conveyancing firm. While I am not so concerned about the costs, knowing that he uses the...
  10. samer

    Sell, keep or develop?

    Hi everyone, I am very glad I found this forum!! And I am hoping that some one can help me here make a decision. I have a property I have owned sine 1999 so its definetly CGT 50% exempt if I sell as is, its starting to fall apart but is on a decent 805m2 block of land for where it is...
  11. C

    How to choose a agent

    I am in a process of choosing an agent to sell the dwelling I am building. What are the most important factors to watch for? Is it Company, person, advertising strategies, commission, open home rules or any other ? Where should I set my selling price? When I ask them the market value...
  12. C

    Renovating- Sell or Hold??

    Hi Guys, Im new to the game and have recently finished a full renovation on my first unit in Bondi. I am now stuck at the cross road of whether to sell or hold onto it and rent it out. I picked up the 2 bd 1 bath 1 car unit for $530k and after stampy duty, legals and renovation costs...