1. Spades

    Plumber damages toilet

    Hi All, I had a plumber in to do a bathroom reno and i've discovered not long after that there is a hair line crack on the bottom of toilet. I rung plumber and he said he supposedly had one on order and would be replaced and installed last tuesday. Anyhow to date,the @resh0le has been...
  2. U

    Who Hates Unclogging Toilets???

    G'day all, I know l do, or did, until l stumbled upon this cool little trick. I just uploaded a video showing how to unblock a toilet without using a plunger or any other tool for that matter. Check it out, it might just save you some plumbing costs. The links below...
  3. grantwhit

    Getting rid of 2nd toilet

    Hey folks, Just after some feedback on an idea I am proposing. Our current ppor has a small WC off the laundry that has a toilet and a 100mm recess for a shower including incoming pipework (incomplete reno from previous owner (all on suspended slab)). The place also has no storage other than...
  4. B

    technology vs washing machine

    im not sure how long its been but i could say almost 6 months even more since i lost my usb stick i found it today in the washing machine stuck in the rubber lip (front loader) now it has to of been there since i lost it and was rusty as i thought no way in hell this is going to work but i...