1. Alex P Keaton

    Tenants gave me just 2 weeks notice vacating !

    Hi My tenants gave me just 2 weeks notice that they will be vacating. I just found out yesterday, the 17th July. The current lease expires August 2nd. Dont they need to give you longer notice than this? I thought it was something like 6 weeks? Sorry if this question has been asked a...
  2. E

    Re-zone / Dwelling Entitlement???

    Hi, Hoping for some advice for an IP as the local council (surprise surprise) is not helping...The IP is 3 lots, vacant land, semi cleared on 25acres, NSW south coast. Zoning is R1a and about to change to E3 (enviro mgment). Only 1 dwelling entitlement on middle block. Across the road are...
  3. P

    Vacant apartment by incompetent property managers

    I have an apartment that is managed by Unilodge Realty. The apartment is not allowed to be managed by any other property manager, including oneself. They continuously claim difficulty in finding tenants, so much so that my apartment has been vacant on and off in the last six months I have...
  4. Lot 2012 - 26 Eldon Street, Shoalwater, WA 6169

    Lot 2012 - 26 Eldon Street, Shoalwater, WA 6169

    Direct lake views from the vacant land at Lot 2012. House construction to commence in Sep-Dec 2006. Vacant Land purchased and settled for $160,000 in February 2006 and bank-valued for $190,000 by Egan National Valuers.