A FREE eBook on depreciation

It's that time of year when we start to field loads of calls from people about depreciation. So I thought I might as well whack a bunch of the frequently asked stuff into an eBook that we can send to people. It's got some useful links in it, too.

If you want a copy, just go to our site and you can download it from the front page - www.depreciator.com.au

We capture emails from people who want the book mainly because we anticipate revising it in six months and sending it out again - there are sure to be things people reckon should be added to it. To that end, if there is anything you think should be in it, or anything that perhaps isn't clear enough, send an email to scott@depreciator.com.au

Fantastic resource, Scott! Kudos coming your way :)

Have just started reading it, it's great to have it all clearly laid out. By comparison the ATO website can be a little confusing at times!
Thanks for that Scott. :D

I had no idea on what depreciation even was before reading this.

Learn something new every day :D


Nice one Scott
I'd give you kudos but I've got to spread the love around. Stop posting such useful stuff for readers :D