A new triple car garage

Hi all,

For various reasons, I'm needing to buy a triple garage (mainly for storage perposes in the short term) to erect on my NSW rural IP (which is currently unoccupied as I am doing a total reno on it to make it habitable).

Has anyone here had experience erecting a metal garage on a slab or knows the best place to buy such a structure. I am currently considering places like "Fair Dinkum Sheds" "Goulburn Garages" etc and would be happy to hear of anyone's experience with this sort of thing and the best place to buy one.

Thanks in advance :)
argh !!! I've spent all morning online searching for a triple garage kit and have found a few possibilities. I'll be paying about $7500 plus slab costs (a lot of which I plan to do ourselves).

Still looking for input though...thanks
I've got a few sheds like this one,.....

This ones my car shed. 2 cars at the front, and down the back at each of the sides is another 2 roller doors for my toys like water ski gear, canoes and dirtbikes and stuff.

I prepared the site myself. Took out about 4 feet of black soil, then filled with yellow gravel and rolled. Got a builder to do the rest. He put in a big cement slab with plenty of reinforcing mesh. The slab ended up above the original ground level by half a metre, so some of the topsoil I took out of the hole I put back around the slab in a gentle slope, then planted to grass.

I think it was a ranbuild, but there is a heap of brands. They come flat packed, and it's hard to believe it could end up as a shed as there is very little stuff there. It all looks very flimsey too untill it's all put together, and in the end they are very strong.

Guttering goes to a cement 25,000 litre tank out the back.

Your price sounds cheap.

See ya's.
I bet the trick is to not say you're looking for a 'garage'. That pegs you as a weekend farmer and you'd get charged city prices. You want a farm shed that happens to have a couple of roller doors.
Thanks for both those comments, I will be careful about "garage" versus "farm shed" as its for a rural property but often the farm sheds have openings rather than roller doors and that seems to be the only difference. I'm thinking of doing the slab ourselves as I have building experience, can follow engineers dwgs and know it must be inspcted before the pour.

The $7000 plus figure is from "theshedwarehouse" and I've emailed them for a quote.
I'll keep you posted on the saga.

thanks again.
I wish I hadn't opened this thread, it's making me very jealous.... :(:(

Good luck with the shed purchase though and think of us who don't have enough unoccupied land to put up such a wonderfull refuge.

Don't worry though, I'll get there one of these days. Inner suburban 3 car garage with hoist, chasing the real Australian male dream!! :D

This will be on a half acre site about 1 and 1/2 hours from Canberra. I need it for storage as my Canberra garage is overflowing thanks to my "collector" partner and my junk collecting daughter (just till she moves out).

thanks for all your help guys