Advice Needed


Just moved into new property and put up the colorbond fence last week. Developer has coming back saying this is not the right color and you should get it replaced with the right color.

Just wondering, is it possible to paint new color bond fence? or what other options have I got in this scenario, except taking all the existing fence out and putting new one.

Any help will be really appreciated.
Sounds like you ignored one of the covenants put on the land in the estate.

You can paint colorbond but it does not seem to last as well as the powder coating that comes standard.
Oh ouch! Hopefully 'Painter' logs on soon and can give you some technical help. I have had clients paint colourbond fences on occasion. However, it's never going to have the lifespan of the original. I'm inclined to think that it's all in the prep - as always!
There will be a primer you'll be able to use that will 'key' the top coat to the powdercoat.
My suggestion is to head to your local paint store and ask their recommendation about what products are best to use. They should have a colour match formula for their particular paint products to match all colourbond colours.
It will take a lot of paint to recolour the fence (spray finish) but probably a heck of a lot cheaper than a new fence.
Best of luck - i'm sure it will work out!
Any chance you can negotiate with the developer to keep the fence you've already installed? "The wrong color fence" is a bit rich, Surely?

Maybe discuss with neighbours to see if any object to what you have installed, and use that in your negotiation.

Also, am curious as to where you have built.
Any chance you can negotiate with the developer to keep the fence you've already installed? "The wrong color fence" is a bit rich, Surely?

Not if there is a contract condition that specifies fence colour, which there likely is in the OP's case by the sounds of it.

Gotta read the contact. Best done before signing. :)
Unfortunately not always specifics in the contract vaughan.....but you do need to get approval prior to building anything.

We have had 2 rejections on driveway color already in a house we are building (no specific color details in the contract, just a list of examples as to what they would not accept), despite our builder having built there prior and having some knowledge of what is and is not allowed.

Might be worth asking the developer what options they can give you....

I think sometimes the developers do it just for fun.
Colorbond fences can be sprayed successfully with an airless spraygun and 517 tip with a good exterior paint like Solver Duraguard or Dulux weathershield.

I would use gloss acrylic,watch the overspray over the top on other houses etc.

Place some old ply,fibro,or dropsheets under the fence to stop the dirt flicking up.

Spray the first coat as a light mist coat and finish off with a second coat to cover. ;)