Alan Burlock ( Aussie Invest)

From: George M

i went along to Alan Burlocks Roads to Millions introductory presentation last night in Melbourne, interesting style to say the least. However i'm more interested in the content and would like contact with anyone that has attended his course or knows what he is about.
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From: Mark Laszczuk

Let me say first that this is just my opinion, not fact. I went to his introductory deal last week and was really unimpressed. Why? Cause the entire time we were there (my partner came with me) he didn't tell us one thing that we didn't already know about PI. To put things in perspective, we haven't even bought property yet, just been doing research and saving our pennies for the last twelve months or so. Maybe he said something after the coffee break (which was when we slipped out) I don't know. But he just didn't cut it for us. Seemed like just another guru who talked big but carried a little stick...

'no hat, some cattle'
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