anyone used servicecentral site

I just wonder if anyone used to find tradies in order to get reno done. any good or bad experience?
i tried it but the fact you have to put in a price i found annoying, if i am getting quotes i want just that quotes you tell me and i will judge on how i feel overall i don't want to just do the job for a price.

I think i used it twice and both times after a few days got the sorry email, i like which uses the local paper search so you tend to get local tradies who actually don't mind showing up and quoting.
I tried it a few times for some work on an IP in Brissy northside - pretty useless. A friend of a friend has used them in Sydney and found good tradies.

Out of the 6 or so tradies that submitted an expression of interest in my job on two attempts I am still waiting for 5 of them to go around and quote on job ....12 months later! The one that did look was not confident in quoting a fixed figure on labour - I estimated around 1 week for 1 person.

Conclusion: unreliable, inexperienced or just scraping the bottom of the bucket for those who can't get work by word of mouth. If you look at the feedback on some of them it confirms my experiences. I found using the local paper was the best method ......but still frustrating.