Strata title on a duplex


Wondering if anyone has done a strata title on a duplex?

I am currently researching a 2x 2 bed 1 bath duplex in Rockhampton. The market looks low there and it will be a buy and hold investment. They could do with a little reno and seems ready to strata as well. Firewall installed (unsure if certified), separate power meters just need to do separate water meters.

Just trying to find some examples on strata titling in the area. Est costs and process and if it is worth going through a independent town planner. If so any recommendations?????

Also if anyone has any comments on the area on growth etc... would be much appreciated. It is located in Kawana if that helps and has long term tenants in there paying $215 each. Aim is to buy and hold and if the market doesn't pick up too much then reno and strata to sell off one and keep the other.

Any comments/recommendations welcome.