"API Mag Jane, Reid. / Julie & Simon. CONGRAT's "



From: Gee Cee Clay

My Special Congratulations to both Jane & Reid Pryor as well as Julie & Simon Macken on their articles in April API Magazine.

Both great stories on how you start from nothing but; motivation & commitment.


Gee Cee


P.S. Jane. I still do not know how you did it with a young baby.

P.S.S. How well does he paint walls?
Young entrepenaur in the making. My guys favourite word at present is SOLD. They yell it out at every bill board.

Can you see it.: Little Johny giving news at Pre - School: I went to nanny's for the school holidays & we went to the park.

My Two; Surviving Triplets, giving news:

We bought a run down block of units during the holidays. We have a long settlement contract and are starting to renovate next week. Once strata titled and improved we anticipate to double our price paid on the property.

This of course will be split amongst our company and family trust to reduce any tax payable.
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From: Jane Pryor

Hey Gee Cee

Thanks for your support and great to hear from you. I hope the story provides lots of motivation for others, and shows that its not all technical, that anyone can do.

The bubby can paint pretty well, I can tell you. I call him my little apprentice - spot of bother, though, when he decided to get down on the floor the first day - yuck - grime from here to there, but nothing like doing a hands on job.

As far as co-orindating bubby and the work - well you know what mothering, er, sorry, parenting is like Gee Cee, three things to remember plan, organisation, plan again.

I'm happy to talk to anyone about this to give a helping hand if I can.

I love doing this and I can truly say it works.


Jane P
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From: Gail H

Yes, well done guys. I particularly like the fact that Jane renovated in a different state. My partner looks at me like I'm bonkers when I mention things like this. I love to see people just going for it. Its incredibly inspiring to me.


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From: Felicity W.

It's amazing how long a pile of wood off cuts can amuse a small child for....
When I used to bring my son to the house we built as owner builders, I had a "safe" area for him to play in, mostly one of the bedrooms that was swept clean with a safety gate across the doorway. I'd take toys and food etc, and a portacot for a sleep, some days it worked really well, some days not so well.
I was lucky, too, my fabulous mum used to mind him two days a week so I could work on the house towards the end.
Nowadays he's a lot older (4.5) and the other day he went with his daddy to help my sister with some renovations. He had an absolute ball of a time, she even bought him a little tool kit and he thought that was the best. He didn't even get in the way (much!) but then he loves helping people.
Keep smiling
Felicity :cool:
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From: Alan Hill


Sounds like a slightly biased but VERY proud Mum. :)

My little girl insists on being at the 'pointy end' of ANYTHING I'm doing in the backyard!

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From: M F

Jane P,

Thanks for sharing your info. Just a few quick questions in relation to renos. How much of the actual work do you do yourself and how much do you leave to tradespeople? (Just roughly off course). Did you have any trade / handy person experience or training prior? I believe you did alot of reading and went to seminars etc prior. Would you recommend anyone or any books in particular in this area ?

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