Architects Fees

I have purchased a Block of Land with a house on it. My intention is to demolish the house and build two townhouses.
The Architects that I have spoke to about this say that their fee would be $30K - $50K. Is this normal. Seemed very pricey to me.

What if I just wanted a DA? How much should that cost?

I'm interested in hearing from people who have first-hand experience with developing.
Not sure what exactly you asked the architecture to do. I assume the architecture is charge the fee based on the cost of the whole project, then his service might include town planning design, tender process, project management and so on.

But if it's just for DA, then the quote looks crazy. For just the design fee to get the DA, I would say about $5k-8k is reasonable (one of my two units sites cost me $5.5k to get the design approved).


or choose a spec home builder - there are so many designs and facades available nowadays that they don't look "spec" anymore.

our architect fees for a specifically designed 4x2 was around $20,000, including engineering - but that's because i made a few changes along the way. da was another $5,000 on top of that.