ATDS versus Deppro

No, they don't. I don't think we've ever been asked to a job there. We use quantity surveyors on the ground, and QSs don't live in places like that - they like the big smoke.
Companies who have someone there would have a data collector. They would gather information and send it to the coast. Then a QS (ideally, though not always) would cost the job up.
There is nothing really wrong with this process and on some occasions in remote locations we have had to resort to using someone else to collect data. Though we always make sure a QS costs the job.
Some companies use data collectors in metro areas, but it would be churlish of me to name them.
If we can get a QS to a job (and we have some who travel) that's how I like to do it. I like the person who goes into the property to be the person who costs up the job. I find that it enables us to better answer post job questions. But of course, we charge a bit more than some companies.
ATDS would have had a guy in Chinchilla, but their guy obviously fell over. They have offered to refund your money, so they've done the right thing.

Thanks for the info Scott this is all new to us so still feeling our way and all advise helps. Deppro are going to be in the Chinchilla area this month so we are going to get them to do it for us. Hopefully it will be plain sailing this time around and ATDS will follow through on their promise to refund us ok.