Bathroom repair/renovation recommendation Compbelltown area

Got quoto today for bathroom shower leak down the floor. Shocking 7k. I attached the photos and the estimation from agent's tradesman.

Is the quoto reasonable?
Any one have good experience with any company/tradesman compbelltown area?
It's not a big bathroom. I wonder I could do a renovation if I have to spend some money.

Thank you in advance.

Shower leak The floor and floor joists below the shower are suffering badly from rot. See photos. It is now too late to seal the shower as the damage has been done. Any attempt to seal the shower now would prove futile as the rot in the timber below will allow movement and break the seal. The only solution is to remove the entire bathroom floor and replace the damaged components.
This needs to be done as a matter of urgency. Rot in timber spreads and left unchecked the damage will spread to surrounding floors and walls. It is only a matter of time before the bathroom floor collapses. When it does, it will take the unfortunate person who stepped on it last down to the ground.
This quotation is to: - remove all items installed in the bathroom -*remove the floor - replace the floor joists subject to rot - replace the timber floor with compressed fibre cement - retile the floor - reinstall the current bathroom fittings
$ 6,974.00
Job Amount (ex GST): $ 6,340.00
Prepared by:
GST Amount: $ 634.00 Job Amount (inc GST): $ 6,974.00


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Might as well do a complete bathroom reno.

Depending on how long you have owned the place for, you might be able to claim some of the cost as 'repairs'.

I do most things myself, Flosed.
Tell people what suburb the house is in and you might get some leads on tradies.
I have also had success with for skilled people and for unskilled i.e. demo jobs.