BIG Brisbane Meeting / Jun 30th / Martin Ryland

Better Investing Group
Meeting 30th June, 2009

Guest Speaker
Martin Ryland

Hello everyone!

This month we have Martin Ryland to talk about our favourite subject TAX! :D He will be discussing the following:

- Converting your PPOR to a rental property, tips and tricks.
- Converting a rental to PPOR, pitfalls and strategies.
- Changes to tax laws affecting property investors.
- ATO Audit targets this year and tips to avoid audits.
- Questions and answers, and more...

Martin Rylan

Martin is an accountant who runs as a sole practitioner in Manly under the banner “Ryland Taxation Services”. He has operated as an accountant for the past 12 years, 8 of which were as the owner. He has a variety of clients from large businesses all the way down to basic tax returns.

He has presented seminars in the past on GST, investing and basic budgeting. He is an avid investor on his own, following the special Martin Ryland rule of renting – “Martin Ryland doesn’t pay rent, Martin Ryland COLLECTS rent!”

He has written and contributed articles on various tax issues and answers questions on tax on the Somersoft Property Investment Forum under the name 'Mry', which he first came upon 3 years ago when he tried to find out more about these “Hybrid Trusts” people were talking about, and he was too cheap then to buy Dale’s books (but he has bought them now!)

Check out the BIG web site at You can find out more details of our meeting there.

When: Tuesday 30th June 2009.
Where: The Construction Training Centre, 460-492 Beaudesert Rd, Salisbury.
(For southbound traffic be sure to take the service road.)
Ian Barclay Building (Conference Room 2.2 - Rear door)
Time: 7:30pm.
Cost: $15/singles or $25/couples.

Everyone interested in property or the forum is welcome to come along. Having an IP is not a pre-requisite, only a motivation to do so. See you there!