Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has had anything to do with leasing land to billboard companies and how you can find out about how much you should lease the land for and also what sort of condition you should put on the lease contract.

Also how should I approach the tax side of it. I have been told to set up a trust fund.

I have never done this stuff before so i am totally green.


Lemon :)
I haven't had anything to do with these, but I know Steve McKnight owns a few of these and wrote a chapter on them in his 0-260 props in 7 years book.

If you are interested, perhaps purchase his book and have a read of the chapter.

He liked the cashflow from them immensely.

I imagine you will like the conditions on the Lease documentation.
Depends on the location of the billboard. I've seen some on rural property next to a main road (old Cleveland road carindale/capalaba ) rent for 16k= per year on a 15 year lease- tenant pays legals. I've been told the most expensive rental (in Qld) belongs to the one on top of the building on the north end of the Storey Bridge ($100k + p.a).

When renting out your commercial property always reserve the right to the outside of the building for landlord's use- but as Dazz will tell you- tenant responsible for the repair of the roof and outside!:D

Ultimately all about position!

As for structure- up to you.
Ok here is a bit more info.

The property is currently rural residential but but i have been approached by developers a few years back before the GFC. It is located on a major highway just out of brisbane.

I have approached a few different advertising companies to find out what they offer but have had varying quotes of what they could offer. My guess these are starting offers so i should be able to negotiate higher.

My other consern is what if i do sell my property to developers how should i word my contract to the advertising company so that i have am able to back out for sale or development.

My other issue is access to the site. At the moment they would need to go though my poperty to access the sign. I have livestock so i am concerned with gates not being closed etc. Its not a large property.

I would like to get into investment property at some stage so would placing this money earnt into a trust fund and buing through the trust fund be a better way to manage money and save on tax. Again i know nothing about trusts so i am trying to understand how it would all work.

Thanks Again.