Brisbane Young Guns

I'm looking to form a network for Brisbane based property investors just starting out or already established - are you out there? interested? let me know

You'll find info on meetings with BIG if that helps
Next meeting is 26/1 at the Jindalee. dont know who's presenting yet.

There are some smaller groups which catch up from time to time... keep an eye out on the forum for meetings at the regatta etc...

I was going to buy a few jugs at the pig and whistle at Indro for some of the brisbanites... might get around to it someday with ozperps help.
I went to the Nov one and found it pretty good. I believe a few other ss'ers attended that one as well. Link is here

I think its like what - 120 a year? I figure if I have to spend 120 a year, and pick up one single idea from 12 meetings which I can capitalise on then its worth it.

First ones free so if it isnt your cup of tea then you dont have to join.

Keep an eye on in this area you'll see an announcement as to who is speaking coming up soon I would imagine.

With the January one, I'm hoping to get to it but cant guarantee.