Builder / Bricky in Adealide (South)

Looking for a builder or bricky that could sign off on my firewall, spent ages phoning those in the local messenger but the job was so crappy no one wanted it, they would show up have a look and I'd never hear from them again.

Had sorted out one builder to sign off on the job but he won't show up now.

Does anyone know a friendly builder or bricky that would be willing to sign off on my firewall? Who else could sign off on it? Where else can I look?

It only needs to be rated for 60 minutes, I've chatted with builders and building designers, they have all suggested double brick wall with rockwool between top of wall and tin roof will give you a 120 minutes of firerating. Sounded good but couldn't get anyone to turn the double brick wall into a firewall. Ended up buying some bricks and bricking up through the roof space, removed all wiring.

Any ideas?

The property is at SEAFORD in South Australia, so looking for someone that is in the outer southern suburbs.