Building Costs and general cost of development

Hi all,

My current strategy is to buy a larger block in Brisbane, either an LMR block or something that can be subdivided (or is on 2 lots etc).

Where does one start to put together a comprehensive list of costs ? Is there a site or perhaps organisation that can provide that IP.

I am particularity interested in to understanding the cost of building either townhouses, units or 2 x properties suitable for the local market demand.

The idea would be to hold or sell these assets once built, depending on market conditions when they are complete.

Any link, thoughts or advice on how to achieve this is warmly welcomed.

Obviously the idea is to do the feasibility on the development before purchasing the land :D;)
In my experience there are a lot of variables that can have and impact on splitting a block apart from the usual council development costs.

Therefore, it is necessary to assess block on its own merits in terms of the development viability and feasibility of the project.