Building & pest reports in NSW will become compulsory

Have you previously paid for a building & pest report but didn't end up buying the property or didn't win the auction?

NSW HOMEBUYERS will now save thousands of dollars under new laws forcing vendors to fork out for building and pest inspections.

And people selling older properties could be forced to disclose the building's energy efficiency rating and whether it contains asbestos.

NSW would be the first state to change the system after the ACT.
BV i am not sure about the ins and the outs of the new NSW system , here in canberra , it was not liked vary much, i think only because it was change, folks don't like change very much???

we must do a Building pest and energy rating , before it goes on the market its the law, now!
The energy rating is the value of thermal eficiently, and the rest is what it is,
it means that a new home buyer can assess, what condition the home is in by reading the building report, but i don't think it indemnifies the report writer, so there are still some issues there, not that i have heard of any thing happening in the ACT, but nothing against you sydney folks , i can see alot of (write this and i will give you), stuff happening up there.
At least the unwary would have a chance to negotiate upon reading the reports if they are not favorable for the buyer.
Thats my take on it!

And the E.E.R are going to be one of the things that homes are to be valued upon , acording to the Master Builders Asc , cheers !

And the new buyer picks up the cost of the report too!
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Hi Craig

I see it as an improvement to the current system because it will provide us with reasons for negotiating the price