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Has anyone done Carly Crutchfield's home study course which includes attending a bootcamp?
More specifically has anyone used the creative finance strategies to put opportunities together?
One of the most challenging parts for developments would be financing with very little of your own money and feasibility of a project to see if there's enough profit to take it on?

Hi Winnie W, ...... Try a search using the "search" option above, ... I'm pretty sure there are a few threads discussing Carly Crutchfield course material etc. You may find what you are looking for in one of those.

I know a few people who have done the C.Corp boot camp and have been "chosen" to join the "Elite" group (forking out a further $25k).
Of them and their "Elite" friends, I don't know one who has actually bought or developed anything.
With all the travel expenses etc, they would be out of pocket $50k or so.
There are plenty of people here on SS who have done a lot more development and development financing without signing up for a mentoring course.
You could find out a lot more about financing a development from those on this forum who have done it and the various brokers here who know more about development financing than any boot camp or home study course will teach you.
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Carly Crutchfiled

Thanks for the feedback Rob and Mystery much appreciated.

I'm skeptical about handing money over unless I can talk to students who have made money as a result of the course.

I am in the process of approaching a few smaller entrepreneurial development firms to network with and work with in my spare time as nothing beats hands on experience with people who already have the runs on the board.

One advantage that could prevail is that once you become a student CCLUB would do joint ventures on larger projects where substantial funding may be needed, minimum of 20% profit.... whats your thoughts?
Winnie, ..... We went to a Carly C presentation evening a couple of years ago when on holidays in Brisbane. Part of the speil was that they gave a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on the course series.

We figured what have we got to lose so we took up the offer, watched the DVD series over 2 weeks and pretty much figured out that although the material was okay it didn't really shed any new light on what we had already found out from our own research.

We returned the DVD series within the 30 day's and got a full refund of our deposit. CCorp obviously didn't expect anyone to take up the refund offer as they had no return procedures in place ... :p

One advantage that could prevail is that once you become a student CCLUB would do joint ventures on larger projects where substantial funding may be needed, minimum of 20% profit.... whats your thoughts?

Personally I'd be careful when it comes to guaranteed returns promised, ..... a lot can go wrong and all of it is out of your control.

Why not be patient and work on some small developments like block splitting, renovations, sub-divisions or dual occupancy developments. This what we are doing ..... We are learning the business in small steps, but the experience we are gaining is invaluable.

As Rob has said, ...... We have found out all we needed to know at this stage by reading books and magazines, ... reading posts on SS and talking to council town planners and developers and hands on.... it has saved us many thousands of dollars.

Good luck

Hi, there is profit in devt but the most challenging part is buying the right block at the right price.

That usually occurs when conditions are 'bad' or when properties for some reason don't sell. Then you get sellers who will accept lower offers.

It's very rare that an owner doesn't know the value of their asset.

Devt by small owners like myself for instance, makes profit more through capital growth while the devt takes place so timing is quite crucial.

In 05-06 in Adelaide for example, there were many houses on land which would have made a high profit [in the region of 40%] because in 07, most suburbs went up 28%

At the time when I bought for instance, the % profit was around 20-25%

It'd still be feasible for a build & hold strategy - that was the basis of my purchase + I looked @ the cost/m2 of the land itself.

Suppose I didn't take any cap gain, I'd be holding 4 x $300K+ houses on a yield of around 6%

It is much harder to find these numbers today. I saw one in Launceston in 08 but decided to pass it cos of the distance.

Just not worth the hassle.

What happened to the extremely insightful post that put the blame on options and people not reading their contracts, instead of on CCorp?

I think it made a lot of relevant points, but it has been deleted.
all i said was we shouldn't judge the situation because we aren't partial to the details.

options and Joe & Jane Average don't mix - people are either not explaining their right to walk away from a deal in their entirety AND / OR Joe and Jane are not reading their contracts properly.

IMO, both should be done.

pity - i didn't think i said anything defamatory or prejudiced. they prob had an email from CC requesting it be removed - never mind.

".com" is meant to protect this forum from such actions.