Carrum Downs - Property Management(Mark Weldon)



From: Mark Weldon

I was wanting to know if any members on the forum know of any Property agents in Carrum Downs and what do they charge?.
My Sister had bought the property for a family member to live in who was experiencing marital difficulties. That individual has returned to their spouse and left my Sister with a vacant property and hasn't paid any of the bills. You don't need a stranger to get a bad tenant! I think I have convinced her to keep the property but what should she do now. Any ideas gratefully accepted.
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From: J Parker

Mark, I don't know about Carrum Downs but I do know that I would never rent to a family member or close friend, as it can cause permanent rifts. Also, who wants to tell Great Aunt Maud that you have to put the rent up? Not me, thanks. I stick with people I don't know.
There is a great read in one of Jan's books where she didn't put rent up for 10yrs because she became too emotionally involved with the tenants. She learnt from that mistake- I suggest your sister does the same!
Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Sim' Hampel

You realise you can edit your own posts ? Top right-hand corner... click on the "edit" link. ;-)

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From: J Parker

Thanks for all the tips, Sim. I will master the finer techniques yet!!
Cheers, Jacque :)
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