Casual Let through Agent

From: Aaron Dwyer

Hi all

I am in the process of casually letting my property through an agent in order get my property tenanted. After that I'm going to manage.

With keys at 4 agents and me advertising it's taken 6 weeks to fill a fully renovated house.

Finally after 3 knockbacks by me, a good tenant (hopefully) has come along through one of the agents. LJH

I gave the go ahead for a lease to be drawn up and one of the parties of two that will be renting paid all their money and signed on the lease. LJH then gave them the key to the property.

A) without my consent.
B) without me even seeing the lease
C) without me even signing the lease
D) without the second tenant signing the lease

My question is.. is this a common practice.??? and is it legal???

I feel that until all parties are signed onto the lease then no key should be released to them.

They also gave them a blank condition report that I or LJH hadn't filled out yet. I thought that the tenants filled out the report last.

Aaron Dwyer
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Aaron

Very casual attitude of the agent :eek:), sorry, couldnt resist.


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From: John P

Sounds to me as though it has a lot to do with the fact that it's a cas. letting. (This should not be an excuse) but exactly how much work are they actually going to "bother" doing for 1 weeks rent? Sorry that this has happened to you Aaron. I am also undertaking a casual letting at the moment. We'll see how we go.

John Poulos
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