Changing Property Managers

I'm thinking of changing property managers as I'm not happy with the service from the existing PM. Can someone tell me if they are obliged to transfer the details over to your new property manager, and if they don't, what can be done about it?
It is more the other way around.... it is your new PMs job to go pick up the file & the keys from the old PM. This is just part of their job.

Write your old PM a termination letter thanking them for their past service and advising them that you hope they can have an easy hand-over of files etc with your new PM.
The old property manager will keep the file and then just give copies to the new PM of what they think the new PM will need. How well they do this depends on the old PM. If your new PM is a good one they will hassle to old PM and make sure they get everything they need otherwise they can go to the Office of Fair Trading and get an order.
Changing Property Managers - Qld

If you want to change PM's all you need is to give notice to the current PM with the relevant notice period (if they have done wrong - you can try to get out earlier) An email is sufficient: (words to the effect)..

....Termination of management notice 30 days from today's date. You will be contacted by aaa company in due course.

Then you sign your management agreement with new company and they will do the rest.

Things they will ask for: (I do anyway - don't alwasy get it)
all keys and access items, copy of general tenancy agreement, copy of Lessor Financial Year Statement to date (in case there are discrepancies), copy of Body Corp By Law (units - you woudl be surprised how many do not have copies), copy of Entry condition report for current tenants (many owners do not receive this - so it is good reference for the owners too), copy of current tenant ledger, copy of all maintenance carried out in the last 6 months (because some items will still have warranty), copy of key sheet (provided to tenant), management set of keys, signed change of lessor/agent forms, copy of tenancy application for each tenant, copy of bond receipt confirming bond paid, copy of all owner insurance policies on file, Contact sheet for all tenants in property.

Your new manager should take care of everything else and keep you in constant communication until everything is fully resolved.